bye feelings bye





to the point.

Think I’m upset that he very possibly does not return the same feelings as I do. What feelings? I don’t fucking know myself. I dare say I am very much confusing our great connection with something else. Even if it is something nearly romantic, its way too fucking fast. So please, to God, to my heart, to my ovaries – just stop.

As unsure as I am already about the friendship, do not make this any worse by letting me habour this sort of weird-ass attraction to him please. This needs to go.


Also, the period is not helping. I want to laugh and smile with all sincerity but I cannot do so. f u c k.

I know I have to give this time, that’s what part of waiting-out means, but please hurry the fuck up. And just what if, I don’t get the results I wish for… hahahahaha I’m so fucked.


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