Scale 2

When I think of love, I think of it adoration, patient and selfless. So it applies to everyone just to what degree of love do we have for that person. See, love is doing things for your loved ones cause you want them to happy. Just a simple generic example of love.

Now, when it comes to love and companionship. I think its an emotional intimacy that goes one level deeper, making it special and what people would say, ‘the one’. I think this intimacy can not only be applied to one person but it applies differently to that one person. For me, its letting myself be vulnerable. I love my friends but I’ve never been extremely emotionally attached to them. I love them, I miss them when I miss them and that’s it. There’s nothing time and distance can do to hurt me when it comes to them. But I know it will be different with my companion.

Am I ready for companionship? I don’t know. And you never know, you might be in time to come or you might never ever be. But that’s not bad either. I doubt anyone makes every choice in their live with 100% certainty, right?


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