Don’t Just Be Alive, Feel Alive

Its time to stop running away from emotions and just sink in them, because feelings are what truly runs our soul and existence

Thought Catalog

image - Flickr / Tim Roth image – Flickr / Tim Roth

I laughed with a friend over coffee today, because she has a way of doing that for me even before the caffeine filters through my veins. I found myself thinking today about my past and my uncertain future, while acknowledging the exact moment I was in. Lord knows I cried today because I was laughing too hard and because of cuts in my heart that may never be healed. What’s the common denominator of all these actions? It’s that I didn’t just act when those emotions danced through my body. I actually felt them. To me, acknowledging my feelings means my existence is greater than just being a body that has the luxury of walking this Earth- I’m actually alive.

As much as I would like to say we don’t need to get stuck in the rat race we call life, we do. We…

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