7 Reasons Feeling Lost Means You’ll Be Happier In The End

This brings a little comfort to my restless heart right now. Maybe feeling all that anxiousness isn’t a bad thing… It does irk me when I know nothing or live by nothing but its time I let loose of everything. Maybe?

Thought Catalog

Eugenio MarongiuEugenio Marongiu

1. The point is not to be found

You will never feel settled, that is just the way life goes. You can dig your heels into a life you’ve built and still it could uproot, no matter how deep you’ve dug. This may seem unsettling at first, but eventually, it will set you free. It will free you from the shackles of certainty, of needing permanence. Once you can lean into the truth that life—and all aspects of it—is fleeting, you can let go of the need to have it all figured out. There is no sense in yearning for something that will never be and knowing with certainty that everything is uncertain will free you from wanting it all figured out.

2. To feel lost is a gift

You are open. When you are lost, you are not so arrogant or delusional about a belief system, thought…

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