With the tip of my fingers, I traced from the arches of my temple down to my cheeks, chin. Further south in the middle of my valley (maybe stream, to say valley would be presumptuous) all the way down to that very first scar left on me the day I was born.

Thanks to my contacts, I could see the fine hair which travelled down my torso. I’ve always hated them but today somehow, they looked exceptionally cute.

For a minute or so, I felt the skin on my back. The muscles, the protruding bones… I stared at the faint shadows of the bones beneath my hips.

For a moment, I felt like a porcelain statue in the middle of the Lourve.

I would lean back and let the warm water rain down my face. With hooded eyes, I watched water droplets envelop my vision and drip down my lashes.

Lifting my legs, I saw the constellation on my calves. It really was like a constellation, only that the colors were of a human. The red prickled my skin from beneath.

The reflection of my ribs when I stretched was stunning. Every arch, curve and dent was, somehow, pristine.

After sometime, I noticed how much the glass had fogged up. The water stains become white and it resembled a disease, the one that was also residing in my mother…

I could feel the love from every cell in my body, its love echoed passed the glass doors and I felt entirely at peace. It was a revelation.


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