I feel like an expired cookie jar… Oh God I dont know how to put this into words.
I feel the warmth in my neck but yet I feel nothing on the inside. A ‘black hole’ is the closest I can get to describing this awkward sensation I feel in my chest.

My seat’s down and my feet’s up on the dashboard, with Bon Iver on. I need to breathe and sort this hell of a thing called feelings.

A little tired of crowds, as much as people fascinate me I can’t say they are in my list of favorite things. Looking at all the masses, I just begin to close in and I felt so…. out of place. Its not that I don’t feel belonged (I don’t need to belong anyways right), I just feel as though I’ve lost my footing. Lost my centre of peace, patience and self. I don’t care if I’m selfish, cause at the end of the day I want to be selflessly happy. If that makes sense to you

Okay, gotta get back up and find my center…
1. Be patient. With myself, with people, with everything.
2. Breathe, and live for the little things. Wind in my hair
A smile
Seeing an act of kindness
Good vibes from non-living things (MAKE UP OMG)
Seeing people happy
3. Be fucking positive, you own the day, you own your life, you own your own feelings and thoughts.
4. Leave if you want. Just leave. Be alone. Its okay to be alone.
5. Appreciate life and all its blessings


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