What I simply wish is the strength of the Earth

The strength of every plate that moves, criss-cross and intersect.

The amount of destruction a single plate can bring, the force of its cry. The strength of its desire to align with its love. Such love can not be extinguished. I want to love. To love so much that it burns me, that even when my bones are returned back to Mother Earth you can taste all the love I’ve given in the air. I want not to fall into your arms, but to fall into your soul for I know your body is just a shell and it will deteriorate – as will mine. Nature can be so terrifyingly beautiful, the strength of a fragile life can crack concrete, able to grow on hard cold dead ground. Nature can never end, can never run out the way money can. And I pray that my love is the same, that as I, a single being, is able to love boldly and never run out of love.

I hope that you never forget that you are part of nature. That you can never run out, you are as strong as the flowers that crack concrete and like nature, you are the way you are. You need no changes, no different shape of petals, no different shade of color.


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