And I knew what laid behind those grey tint windows
The rain thrashed and exploded, it’s very cries tiptoed along my spine. Perhaps the reason why every drop clung to everything it met was cause it simply craved to be felt. To meet skin, to feel warmth; the way we crave another’s touch sometimes. Back bitten down, with the weight of every drop. Puddles linger, some with ripple streaks, where young mischiefs splash before they dissipate.

Upper lip perspiration, wild honest eyes. Hair, color of fresh caramel, curly and clung. Slow train rides that slant, literally hanging on edge. I always picture that one day, it’ll slip off its tracks and like a jar of cookies, fragile as we are, we’ll injure.       As always, heart to heart conversation are left unfinished when time is constrained. The usual exchange of cusses and explicit jokes. ‘Arm rest’ situations that pull my hair and weight me down, such an annoyance.

  • Bought pepero and really enjoyed them
  • Had green curry
  • Too many kawaii people in my life, my heart cannot handle it
  • Built a bond
  • Sprawled on the bed in the morning and laid there for an hour or so, its ‘sloth’ moments like these where everything is at ease and life feels good (life is good).
  • Felt cute

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