Conversations with Luna

How long has it been since I last saw lady Luna. Or watch her children dazzle and dance in the sea of midnight. I miss the crickets’ humming as we talked. Comfort and serenity never fail to wash over me as we converse for she watched me over while the fears of night seeped in at every dark hour.

She taught me that I wasn’t alone. That as scary the night can be, it was also as beautiful. That with a little effort and heart, even her children will dance for you. She taught me to listen to the crickets, to listen to their lullaby of reunion.

Her little sister, breeze, was a mischievous one. She loved to tease but I must admit, her company is wonderful, though the chills she sent were that ones that ran down spines and made hairs stand. But nonetheless, that was what made her presence so addictive for she enjoyed to tickle ears and tangle hair.

I miss the presence of night, where crickets sang. And the moths danced with their lover light. I miss talking to Luna where time would still, for her presence was one that took all of your attention and mind. I miss watching her children dance like every night was a performance, it was much like a school play, so innocent and full of glee. And even with the celebrations of lady Luna, it was peaceful. (Something the busyness of school did not have to offer at all)



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