to dumb to know
to weak to resist
she was as weak as a infant’s wrist

it wasn’t the words she heard
or the things they said
it was none other than her mind that played

her enemy, who was it
was it herself?
or the devil that played?

not what they see
but what she saw
barriers she build
were bound to fall

she was weak
and she knew
she listened to the lies he threw

by her ear
he played
submitting to every note he made

her mind was so weak
she couldn’t stand
what to do without a helping hand?

this isn’t fair, now is it
but who said it was meant to be fair

the world we live in
devils roam
preying on people who are all alone

it was dangerous to be alone
for you see, her mind wandered
to the devil’s home

now, who is her enemy
the devil who persuades?
or her mind that cave?


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